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.45 long colt ammo is one of the best ammunition available to home gunsmiths. These rounds have been in production since 1871 and are still considered the standard by which all other cartridges are measured.

45 long colt ammo for sale

45 long colt ammo is the perfect ammo for any shooter. Whether you are shooting for recreation or as part of an organized shooting sport. Our 45 long colt ammo has been made with the highest-quality components. This is to ensure that every bullet leaves your barrel with a high velocity, enough to take down any target.

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The flat trajectory and reliable accuracy of the cartridge were appreciated by hunters who used it effectively against small vermin and medium-size predators like coyotes, up to a distance of 300 yards.

At the birth of the .223 Remington and for the next 35 years, the round was not considered safe for hunting whitetail deer. Some jurisdictions even outlawed using the ammunition during rifle season – as it was deemed that the bullet diameter and muzzle energy were insufficient for humane harvesting. 45 long colt ammo academy

45 long colt ammo in stock

45 long colt ammo is the most popular and widely-used round in America and throughout the world. This round is the perfect solution if you are looking for great power at a cheap price. Over a century ago, Colt released their own production of this round, and to this day their ammo is still made the same way to the highest standards.

For just $35, you can purchase this 45 Long Colt ammo for sale from us. This means you’ll pay less than $1 per bullet for the round

Making 45 long ammo and using it

45 long colt ammo for sale is a round of ammunition that most often occurs when a black powder bullet is inserted in a cartridge. The cartridge is then fired in a firearm that has the same bore as the cartridge but allows for a black powder-based ignition system. These rounds are available from 9mm ammo rounds at prices that can’t be beaten.

45 Long Colt ammo is a traditional gun cartridge developed to be a powerful yet accurate cartridge. Its origins come from the ‘Colt Model 1849 Revolver’ which was developed by Samuel Colt. 45 long colt ammo for sale

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