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What is 357 magnum ammo?

The 357 Magnum ammo, is a revolver cartridge with a 357-inch (9.07 mm) bullet diameter, created by Elmer Keith, Phillip B. Sharpe, and Colonel D. B. Wesson of firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson, and Winchester. some people call it .357 magnum ammo. It is based upon Smith & Wesson’s earlier .38 Special cartridge. The 357 Magnum cartridge was introduced in 1934, and its use has since become widespread. This cartridge started the “Magnum” era of handgun ammunition. The 357 Magnum cartridge has a positive reputation for stopping power. 357 Magnum Ammo For Sale

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The final rendition of S&W and Winchester’s 357 Magnum bullets took the .38 Special casing and extended it by one-eighth. We have the most powerful 357 magnum ammo in stock for sale. They kept the same 357 diameter bullet (the actual bullet size of the .38 Special) and packed a little more powder at a slightly higher pressure into the 357 shells. Buy Federal 357 magnum ammo.

This casing extension didn’t just give its creators more space for powder, it also made the 357 rounds impossible to fit into firearms chambered for the .38 Special, which most likely couldn’t withstand the power of firing the bullet.

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The first cartridge held a 158 grain (gr) bullet and shot the semi-wadcutter load at over 1,500 fps out of a larger N-frame revolver with a 8 ⅜ inch barrel. Know that the deadliest 357 magnum ammo is best for self defense. To further test the 357 Magnum rounds and firearm, which would eventually become the S&W Model 27, Wesson took the revolver and ammo on a big game hunt in Wyoming during the fall of 1935. Proving the effectiveness of the cartridge, Wesson harvested antelope, moose, elk, and even a grizzly bear with the new firearm and cartridge. You can now get bulk 357 magnum ammo for sale in stock today.

The 357 Magnum revolver went into production and the first one to leave the factory with serial number one was given to J. Edgar Hoover. After its release, the 357 Mag spent 20 years with the title of the world’s most powerful handgun cartridge.

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After its initial production, the 357 Magnum ammo proved itself a worthwhile cartridge. U.S. military personnel used this caliber from World War II through Vietnam. General George S. Patton, one particularly famous 357 Magnum shooter, carried two revolvers, one an ivory-handled (not pearl) S&W 357 Magnum and the other an ivory handled single action .45 Long Colt. bulk 357 mag ammo 1000 rounds.

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For years, revolvers chambered for the 357 Magnum sat on the hips of police officers, security guards, and some of the U.S.’s special forces. Even today, decades after classic revolvers were replaced with semi-automatic pistols, short barreled 357 Mag revolvers still offer backup support to those who protect and serve. Federal fusion 357 magnum ammo.

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The 357 Magnum ammo has become popular for hunting, silhouette shooting, and self-defense, both against human perpetrators and dangerous game (if in the area of the largest predators, such as grizzlies, many suggest opting for a magnum cartridge of a larger caliber, such as the 44 Magnum ammo, .41 Magnum, or .500 S&W, but with practice and accuracy, a 357 Mag can help). best 357 mag ammo for deer hunting. 357 magnum ammo for sale.

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Due to its aforementioned versatility, the 357 Magnum provides a full range of applications and offers just about everything a handgun owner needs for target shooting, protection, and hunting. Because of this, if someone wants to only own one firearm, many recommend it be a 357 Magnum revolver. Also, you can get 9mm ammo bulk at good prices.

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